High Performance Coach
"The High Performance Breakthrough Experience" 
Sell More Deals, Change More Lives and... 
Double Your Income!

Rockstar, are you ready to be the 1%?!

Finally… the Timeshare Sales event of the year is here!

I am so excited to give you all the details so you can join us in just a few short weeks!

The High-Performance Breakthrough Experience is a 3-Day Intensive...

This unique experience was designed to help you break through your personal mindset blocks and learn key sales skills and mindset hacks it takes to be successful in this sale... 

Most people don't realize that 90% of this game is mindset...

Having a bullet-proof mindset is what differentiates the 1% from the rest and why they make all the money.

I'm hosting the HPBE with my good friend and fellow High-Performance Coach, NLP Trainer, and all around "Mind Ninja", Scott YoungJackson.

This event is unlike any “sales” event you’ve ever experienced or could even imagine... 
At this 3-day Live Training You Will...
Overcome your personal obstacles to success! 

✓ Learn advanced Persuasion and Influence techniques.

✓ Get your potential buyers motivated and excited to say “Yes!” to you today.

✓ Learn how to tell hypnotically-compelling stories that create emotion, value and urgency and sell for you! (we're taking you deep...)

✓ Learn how to control your own state and influence the state of others easily and effortlessly (so powerful!).

✓ Begin to implement high-performance mind and body techniques daily to prime yourself for success! (these habits differentiate the 1%)

See you there!
Joanie & Scott
June 4th-6th in Las Vegas, Nevada
While attending the HPBE event, you will...
Breakthrough your obstacles to manifesting sales success and step into your Power and Greatness!
Secure Your Spot at This Transformational Event Now Before It's Sold Out.

You'll learn how to create rapport with ninja like mastery with anyone you meet so that no matter what walls come up, you can release it quickly...
Power Tools You'll Have for Life...
You will leave the event with your very own “Power Anchor!” 
You'll use it to supercharge your present state whenever you choose. You will easily own a position of power, confidence, and control. 
This is Super Powerful when you feel anxiety, self-doubt or overwhelm in the middle of your sales presentations...
And you'll be able to leverage and build on this tool for life!
    June 4th-6th in Las Vegas, Nevada
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    Because we're committed to getting the Right people to this event we'd love for you to invite your co-workers and industry friends.

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    You will get the link for your "Bring-A-Friend" discounted tickets after you purchase.

    So, there you are Rockstar... It's decision time...

    Will you be one of the Rockstar sales reps who commit to leveling up their game and mastering the skills of Influence, Persuasion and 
    Mind Mastery?

    "If you're willing to invest the time, money and resources, you're ready to be the 1%."
    The High-Performance Breakthrough Experience is Intentionally Designed to...
    "...help you break through your self-limiting beliefs, give you empowerment tools to use daily, and teach you powerful Persuasion and Influence techniques."
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    No Refunds but you can transfer a ticket to someone else or use it at a future event.
    P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was..you're getting access into an exclusive event called, "The High-Performance Breakthrough Experience" - so you can sell more deals, change more lives and double your income.
    Joanie Dhillon & Scott YoungJackson on behalf of Timeshare Sales Mastery @ 2018 - Sales event of 2018